DTTG2 not available in my AppStore. Options?

So. After being part of the test group for a few months, imagine my disappointment at DTTG2 not being available locally. :frowning:

And this, typically, a mere two months after I switched FROM the USA store.
What are my options here? Open a secondary account, purely to purchase DTTG2? And switch back to that account for updates?

Can someone kindly explain why a roll-out only to the US/EU stores?

You could either temporarily switch stores or you could create another account and enable family sharing.

Apple handles the taxes only in these countries and handling the taxes on our own for all other countries world-wide is just impossible.

Yeah, a lot of small companies sell world-wide but not because they handle the taxes on their own, they just hope that noone will notice it and that they’re not going to run into any troubles.


Ok. Did not realise that. Wow. This has been a bit of a let-down, but understandable, I guess, under the circumstances.
I think I have a long-not-used account lying around somewhere…

Unfortunately, as ‘simple’/appealing as the Family Sharing option is, it will not work, given that all participants have to be from the same Store country.

The switching account option will need to be the way to go, since Apple Music complicates switching countries.
As it stands, switching accounts involves, AFAIK, purging and re-downloading of Apple Music from/to the device, on each switch - which will be a major ache, but unavoidable… :cry:

Actually the problem is worse than that Cassady. But the implications are sometimes complicated.

I have a US iTunes store account because TV series are not available on my local app store.

I have a local iTunes app store account for apple music because local Apple Music subscriptions are less than 50% of the price of US store subscriptions.

I keep the US account on my Mac and the local account on my iPhone. Never shall the twain meet because changing accounts even temporarily will lock you out of the other account for three months. You app store account on your device is tied to your device id and this can only be changed once every 90 days. Among other things is apple’s way of preventing people from making available or purchasing music or video content from stores that are cheaper than the US Store.

I made this mistake when I first signed up for a trial of apple music and it was painful.

There is also the further complication that purchasing from the US app store involves purchasing gift cards which carry a premium of between 5-7% over the actual face values of the cards.

This time I thought I would be clever and purchase DTTG on my mac with my US Store account and then use iTunes to copy into onto the phone. That part works great :slight_smile: However you can only make in-app purchases on device, and you can only do that when logged into the app store from which the app was purchased. So no selective sync and other goodies for me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Why is it so complicated :open_mouth:


Relieved to say that I managed to sort something out. IAP included. More than willing to try and help, PM if you want to confirm/chat!

Replied. One view says my message was sent, the other says its still in the outbox. :confused:

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