DTTG3 and databases created in DEVONthink on a Mac

I’m a newbie of about ten minutes! :flushed: So Hello to all!

A quick question. I started using DEVONthink on the Mac and created several databases.

Now I am using DTTG3 on an iPad and iPhone. Soon I will be giving up my Mac and will have no desktop nor laptop.

When I wipe the MacBook Pro laptop (my only computer currently) will my databases created there still be stored and NOT wiped from the cloud?

Will my mobile computing and use of DEVONthink on the go still march on uninterrupted accessing all the once created laptop databases without hiccough?

Thanks for any help with this.

A technical correct: DEVONthink does not store your databases “on the cloud”. It is raw, chunked, and optionally encrypted sync data, not copies of the database(s). This is an important distinction to understand, and also why sync is not a backup.

Deleting the databases on a device - Mac or mobile - will not remove sync data. It also won’t remove the local data from other devices. Each are separate locations and entities.

And no, there should be no interruption with syncing if you stop using a Mac.

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Excellent! Thank-you @bluefrog. I was hoping you would say that!

So glad that the databases will be safe! It was the fact that they are stored in “Home” on my Mac (and they will be wiped there soon when I pass on the laptop) that was making me nervous.

I am moving to a computer-less lifestyle due to frequent travel and lighter gear if I work my “office” from an iPad (and iPhone) only.

So … all documents and files (items?) will be safely kept and accessible from my mobile devices both now and in the future is what you are saying?

I am currently backing up my MacBook Pro databases to SpiderOak and to Backblaze, but of course they will cease to be backing up anything new soon once I have no laptop anymore. Is that safe? Mobile only? If backup is not sync how can I back up those databases while mobile-only?

Thanks for your patience with me. The tech is blinding me with science! :flushed:

You’re welcome!

So … all documents and files (items?) will be safely kept and accessible from my mobile devices both now and in the future is what you are saying?

Yes, as much as any device on app can guarantee.

I can’t speak to SpiderOak for backups. Backblaze is okay as far as I’m aware. You should be using a snapshot-style backup, not a continuous one.

And while sync isn’t a backup, in general, Apple hasn’t provided a granular backup and restore mechanism for iOS so sync could be used this way. It’s not ideal but it’s possible.

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WELCOME to the wonderful world of DTTG and DT! Glad to have you aboard!


Before you do that, you might want to get detailed information on the differences between DTTG and DT. They are not equal feature-wise! And there are a lot of threads here that deal with these differences. For the time being, I would not suggest to drop your macOS installation if you need for example smart rules or scripting. Space might be a concern too, at least on an iPhone or a smaller iPad. If you’re travelling a lot, maybe an MacBook Air might be advisable for those things you cannot (yet?) do an an iPad.


Thanks, @chrillek. And sorry for the delayed response! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: