DTTG3 Changes in view mode


how can i force DTTG3 to show a list view rather than the thumbnail view? i open global inbox and it seems to open it in either view randomly. I can’t seem to find the stting to force it to use a list.


+1. Happens on mine randomly too.

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There’s no bug or random behavior here. From the release of DEVONthink To Go 2.0 the behavior has been the same:
Tapping on an item’s name shows the item list.
Tapping on the item count displays the grid view.

well. that is definitely not correct. it seems the color of the number has something to do with the described behavior?
i tried to open the grid view by tapping the item count (global inbox). out of 10 times, it opened in grid view once. tapping the “global inbox” name 10 times opened it as list 10 times.

did the tapping area of the count change in dttg3? seems impossible to hit reliably

did the tapping area of the count change in dttg3? seems impossible to hit reliably

Not that I’m aware of. Try tapping the item count with the flat of your finger, not the side or the tip.
Do you see a difference?

to be honest, no. i just tried it on my 12.9in ipad pro with the pencil and even there i cannot get it to work reliably. it seems that even the area just right to the count number is triggering a list view?

I’ll file an issue to look into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Thanks, and learned something again. Strange that I have not seen the grid view until now.

I discovered grid view (by tapping on the item count) in DTTG2. Once you get used to it, it is very useful.

The behaviour is the same in DTTG 3. It is entirely consistent. List view by tapping on the name, grid view by tapping on the count.

I am not sure what you mean by “the colour of the number”. For me the numbers are always a light blue colour.

Works perfectly for me.


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showcasing the bug and hoping this isn’t the definition of ‘working perfectly’ :wink:

devonthink.mov.zip (16.3 MB)

You are missing the number some of the times.

Click on the number, not below it. That should solve your issue.

Its odd because I have actually never noticed this as an issue. I always get grid view when I want it. Maybe it is due to finger size. I suppose my fingers are kind of average. Possibly people may have issues if they have large fingers or long nails possibly, although I am not suggesting that is the issue here…

a) if the assumption is that you hit it perfectly (and i am talking within 1% margin of error) with a finger on a device that isn’t still, this is a rubbish implementation and needs an overhaul IMO
b) you can see that the problem isn’t below or above. it is that the area around the number is ‘random’. 2px to the top right and all of a sudden it is the list view. 2px to the top left and it is the grid view. and the few times you hit the center of the number, it is the grid view.

check the click at 25 seconds in and the one at 9seconds. the 25s is even more imprecise but opens grid…
finger size doesn’t matter as you can see from the video that imprecision is handled differently depending on where exactly the finger lands. such guesswork is IMO unacceptable. but regardless, you should never make a touch area that precise anyways.