DTTG3 deletes most items in database

I got a new iPad and set DTTG up on it. I wanted to sync 2 databases so told it to sync one. Once that had completed (over 40k items) I told it to sync the second one. It should have about the same number of items. It synced 137. I looked at DT on my Mac and found that it was syncing, then that it only ha 137 items.

It looks like DTTG, for some reason, deleted all the other items. I haven’t had a problem like this before and I haven’t changed anything in my set up.

I’m using Webdav to a Synology Diskstation. The iPad and the Mac are on the same local network.

Firstly, can anyone suggest why this has happened so that I can prevent it from happening again.

And, secondly, how should I recover the missing items? I’ve got a Time Machine backup for the Mac and a Carbon Copy backup. Should I recover the files on the Mac for the database?

The NAS is offline so that may be the cause of the problem. I’d still appreciate any help on how best to recover the missing items from backup.

This can’t cause such issues. Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send us the email to start a support ticket - thank you!

Finally, restoring a backup on the Mac should be sufficient.