DTTG3: force dark mode

i thoguht i saw something about dark mode in dttg3. how can i force DTTG3 into dark mode and/or how can i get it into dark mode at all?

You can’t ”force DTTG3 into dark mode”. DEVONthink To Go 3 honors the operating system’s light/dark mode setting.

oh that’s a shame. and i guess text files aren’t having dark mode either? the background is eye bleeding white?

Text files display in dark mode if dark mode is used in the OS.

i am in dark mode, the global inbox is dark. i guess rich text will have a white background by default or something, even in darkmode?

The text editors haven’t been replaced yet, so that’s correct.

Markdown files have black backgrounds

Correct as they use the plain text editor.


Hey Bosie, thank you for bringing that up.
I see it in a similar way. And I would like to address this to Eric, who is, as far as I know, the person who works a lot on DTTG3.

@eboehnisch Hey Eric! First of all thank you for your work and the work of those who made DTTG3 possible! Like I already wrote: I like the performance and the sync stability pretty much!
Concerning Dark mode and rtf Files:
In my point of view DTTG3 would be more complete if the “dark mode” included also the viewing and editing of rtf files. In Dt3 it works.
Most of my own written files are rtf files and at the moment I find a black background and a white text more relaxing to work with.

Thank you and kind regards from DĂĽsseldorf,


DEVONthink uses an Apple framework on the Mac. Rich text is not a mobile-native format so it requires third-party frameworks in iOS. Finding a suitable replacement is no simple task but it’s something we’re still working on.


Thank you for your reply, for the technical explanation and for letting me know that it´s something you´re working on, Jim. :slightly_smiling_face:
Kind regards, Johannes


You’re welcome.