DTTG3 has the same problem with TextExpander as DTTG2

in my work I use various “fill in the blank” templated notes that are currently being created with the app Drafts (with its native TextExpander fill-in snippet support) and then sent into the DTTG inbox by one of Drafts actions. I would like to start the note taking process in DTTG with the [+] Text. This is not currently possible as DTTG only has the same functionality as the TE keyboard.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, what I am requesting is this in DTTG:

The SDK for iOS apps references it under the section Supporting Fill-In Snippets here:

I don’t even know if DTTG meets the prerequisites to add it, but it’s something I use a lot and I imagine others would also if it was implemented. Thanks for looking at it.

Thank you for the explanation. We’ve personally never used TextExpander fill-in snippets so our experience is limited. It’s not as straightforward to implement as support for regular text expansion so we’ll add it to the list of possible improvements with cannot give any estimate while we’re working on other improvements at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

It no longer matters now. Smile just killed the SDK so devs that did the extra work to integrate TextExpander into their apps, now need to remove it.

… sigh … :roll_eyes:

But thanks for the heads-up.

Oh well, that came right in time before we started further exploring the integration options. I guess we’ll leave the SDK in as long as it works. If any of you notice that it no longer does so, before we do, please let us know.


as I seem to be the only one who uses TextExpander, I will let you know immediately. :smiley:

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on the bright side, it appears the new keyboard adds the Fill-In snippet feature that I have been requesting for years.

I have tested the new keyboard with the [+] New Item/Text entry and it works great with TextExpander 7 for iOS. Fill-in snippets included.

Excellent - thanks for the follow-up and glad they delivered for you.

You are not alone!