DTTG3 Local Sync Store

I noticed that DTTG3 doesn’t have the option to sync via a local sync store. It would be useful to have this feature as then one could connect to other cloud providers (e.g., Google Drive) appearing in the files app.

The definition of a ‘local’ store can be confusing. Could you elaborate what you mean ‘local’?

It’s possible to sync with a NAS on a local (home) network that uses WebDAV for example. Is that what you mean?

See iOS / iPadOS only backup strategy - #8 by BLUEFROG

“Local” as in on the device, not the local network. Currently, iOS now allows storing files on the device via the Files app (which was not present in older iOS versions). For example, I can create new files and folders under the “On My iPhone” location in the Files app. I would like DTTG3 to create/access a sync store there.

I’m looking for syncing strategies with cloud providers other than iCloud and Dropbox, not backup techniques.

The usage case I’m thinking here is to create a Local Sync Store with DEVONthink Mac in my Google Drive (File Stream). Then, I can download the Google Drive app on my iOS device and enable it as a location in the Files app. I could now access the sync store with DTTG3 without having to download the entire database onto my iOS device (since Google Drive downloads the required files on-demand).