DTTG3: suggestion or bug ? can't share only annotated pages

I annotate PDFs a lot. The Thumbnail (1) → Annotate (2) to see the annotated pages is very intelligent and useful, especially with large documents.

Unfortunately, contrary to PDF Expert iOS for example, I can’t share (3) the annotated pages. If I tap on Share (3) all the pages in the PDF are shared, not only the annotated pages.

thank you

Search here for “annotation” for some guidance…

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I will look again. thank you for your reply


I could not find the answer about sharing only the annotated pages. Would you have an answer?

Also, it there a way to work around the fact that there are no favorites or reading list syncs between devices, perhaps using smart rules or groups ?

thanks very much

The Sharing mechanism won’t share only those pages. It will share the entire document.
If you used the overlapping squares option, you could select then drag and drop the pages though this would export individual pages. However this will also use a different filename than the originak document and I’m not sure if we can easily make this a better mechanism.

Sorry drag and drop to where ?
thank you

For example, you could drag and drop to a draft email in Mail, while using split screen…

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I understand, thank you.
I did some testing. In practical terms, the fastest solution is to share the whole document with an app which allows for the quick extraction of annotated pages (pdf expert is an example) and take it from there (share back to DTTG or any other app).
Unfortunately sharing back to DTTG is not that simple. It appears that I can only share back to a database, not a specific group.
I just want to say that for people who annotate a lot of PDF, being able to extract only the annotated pages is a big deal.
thank you for your suggestion