DTTG3 Sync iPadOS

I updated today to DTTG3 in my iPhone and iPad. No issue with the iPhone, but with the iPad the sync locations has been lost.
When I try to add again the locations I get an error and can not finish the setup. I using our own WEBDAV server.

Any help will be appreciate. While it is being solved I will continue to use version 2.


What is ”an error”? Please be as specific as possible when reporting issues. Thanks.

This is the text of the error message:

“Error while setting up location ‘ParticularSync.dtCloud’: Creation of directory failed. Please check scheme (HTTP/HTTPS), path and port of the URL”

I’m using same patch that in the Mac and iPhone (working correctly in both)


Start a support ticket and send me screen captures of the sync setup showing the URL in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.