DTTTG items searchable by Files app?

I can see my DTTG databases as folders within the iPadOS Files app, but the items they contain (such as PDFs) are not discoverable by a global search by Spotlight or the Files app. Why is that?

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Just wondering why focus on Spotlight for searching rather than using the DEVONthink ToGo app for that? It’s always best to avoid digging into the DEVONthink files and let DEVONthink do that for you.

I cannot answer the “why” question, but perhaps first look at “DEVONthink ToGo Manual” (I’m looking at 3.6.3 version of the document)

  • page 18 describes DEVONthink ToGo Searching
  • page 46 describes the setting for Spotlight
  • page 48 provides a FAQ on Spotlight on iOS

Perhaps have a look then come back with questions.

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While I of course agree with everything you said: I just tried that approach (i.e. searching with spotlight on i*OS) myself and found one file in DTTG while there are a lot more (like eight or so). Given that it searched for name, I’d chalk that up to Apple’s software.

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I don’t use Spotlight for DEVONthink ToGo. Adds overhead to the iOS device if turned on. So it’s off. Life is good.

I hope by me pointing to the outstanding “DEVONthink ToGo” manual is taken as endorsement! :wink:

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Nor do I. But I have activated DTTG as a provider for the Files app.

And I’d expect Spotlight to search there, regardless of any settings in DTTG. i*OS doesn’t even have a setting to turn in on or off at all. Well, something else where Apple promises things they don’t keep. Not that I care, since, as you said: Why would I search for DT(TG) documents with Spotlight if I can search with DT(TG)?


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We have no control over Files.app and it appears it usually initiates a Name based search or potentially a type.

I see no option to do a content-based search.

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I suspect you will find the answer on page 48 of the DTTG manual, as has been suggested above. DTTG only sends the document name and first 16KB of text of the document to Spotlight based on a limitation dating back to iOS 11. I suspect that limitation no longer exists in iOS, as I can perform Spotlight searches where identical documents are found in one app but not found in DTTG.


Under Settings - Siri and Search you can select which apps will be searched in Spotlight