Duhhh Mode in DTP Office Scanning

After purchasing DT Pro I thought I’d take a look at Office. However, the scanning just won’t work for me. I have a scanner that is recognised by Image Capture and by DT Pro Office, but my BIG problems are -

  1. No matter how many times I try, I still can’t get the page crop to work. I trim the page using the little handles on the side, but when I click Add Page I still get the whole uncropped scan. This is driving me mad!

Any suggestions?

  1. The DEVONacademy movie states that “with the orientation buttons you switch between landscape and portrain mode.” Unfortunately, nothing happens when I click these buttons. They clearly don’t work.

Again, help is urgently required.

Are there some preferences somewhere I need to set to get round the above problems? :cry:

We’re sorry to hear about your troubles. Hopefully this posting will clarify them.

What do you mean with this? I think you are referring to the page size of the new document. The concept is that you select a page size in the page layout panel and that determines the amount of whitespace around the cropped scan.

The Help documentation and the tooltips for these buttons indicate that the rotation is disabled when OCR is enabled. The OCR software is smart enough to determine the correct rotation in most cases.
If for some reason this doesn’t work, you can disable the OCR, rotate and enable the OCR again. At this point you will be asked to confirm that you want to keep your custom rotation.

For landscape documents, I would advise you to set the page layout correctly, otherwise the cropping will stretch the document.

I hope this sheds some light on your struggles.

No, I’m referring to the following. When I start up my scanner and select Capture from the File menu, DTPO instantly gives me a preview of the material on my scanner plate. In my case, let’s use the example of a page from a book.

Around the image I now see is a box with square handles on each edge and corner, which I take to mean that I can now crop the preview so that ONLY the image I want to scan - the page - will be scanned and not the rest of the scanner plate.

Okay, so what’s going wrong is that when I crop this image, the full scanner plate still appears. I am scanning an A5 page but getting an A4 image. So how can I crop the image in the preview so that the final scan shows only the page of the A5 book and not the entire A4 scanner plate?

It would be really helpful if you didn’t assume that we are all DTPO experts, by the way. What precisely do you mean by the page layout panel? To save endless correspondence on this, do you think you could just walk me through the process?


The Page Layout panel is the standard Apple panel that you get in File > Page Setup… but I used the wrong name. :wink:

Well, the kind of cropping you describe is supposed to work and I don’t understand why it doesn’t. Does this work in Image Capture?


  1. Select A5 in File > Page Setup
  2. File > Import > From Scanner > Capture
  3. The standard crop should be for A5 now.
  4. Move it over the correct area when necessary.
  5. Scan
    This should work.
    Step 3 doesn’t work if you change the page setup with the scanner preview sheet visible, so you’d have to correct it manually.

Yes, just tried it in Image Capture. A perfect scan and perfect crop. Naturally I want to be able to do this in DTPO to cut out the middle man, but your application just won’t let me crop. Aaaargghhhhhhhh!

I’ve watched the DEVONacademy video and know that it IS possible, but it won’t work for me. This is why I would like someone to give me a step-by-step idiot’s guide to scanning a page from a book, cropping the page, and getting it into DTP Office with OCR to make it searchable.

I’m sure there’s something I’m doing wrong but I can’t figure out what.


I updated my last posting with the necessary steps, so you may want to check it again…

This is still not working the way it should. I’ve also re-watched your video tutorial and it is unclear on some points. Plus there is an error when it says that the preview button refreshes the image on the right side of the window - in fact it’s on the left. There is also no mention in the video tutorial that you have to uncheck the Perform OCR box to change the image to landscape or portrait. Thus my earlier confusion.

Leaving that aside, however, it seems an unnecessarily cumbersome operation to change the size of the page from A4 to A5 in order to scan an A5 image. Are you serious about this?

I’ve been experimenting a little more and found that a press cutting, when changed from landscape to portrait, has its type all squeezed up together making it hard to read.