Duplicate command Problem

With this release 8 of Devonthink Office Pro, the command “Duplicate” produces two copies of the original document and not 1 copy of the original document. How can I resolve the problem?
Thank You

thanks for the bug report, the second instance is a replicant of the duplicate. Just delete it or duplicate only items located in the top level group.

Seems this only happens under certain conditions since I can’t dup^H^H^H reproduce it here.

I reported this the other day via Twitter. It happens to me in the current database I’m working with every time I use the Duplicate command. I haven’t seen it not happen, so I can’t offer any insight into circumstances yet.

Ditto. Consistently happens.

I’m finding this odd behavior consistently when duplicating by option-drag and drop. Not only is an extra copy made but if the group holds items, particularly items that are replicated elsewhere, then copies of the items inside the duplicated group are scattered wherever those replicates occurred. This makes a mess very quickly throughout the database. I’m finding extra replicated groups and items all over. Needlessly to say, I won’t be duplicating much of anything else until the bug is fixed.

This occurs if a group is opened in a window by double-clicking it in the Groups panel. Select a document in that window, hit CMD-D (duplicate) and instead of a duplicate you get two replicants.