Duplicate Database Files


I find duplicate Database files in the Application Support/DEVONthink-folder. There is always a "DEVONthink-1.database"-file, and a "DEVONthink-1.database~"-file. This happens to each file, up to ten. Also there is not only the "Backup"-folder, there is the "Backup~"-folder, too. If there is no reason for this behaviour, should I be able to delete the "~"-files?

They are backup files that DT creates

The files with a tilde ("~") at the end are old backup files created by versions up to 1.7.x. You can delete them as DT 1.8.x stores the backup files in the subfolder "Backup".

The "Backup~" folder on the other hand is created by the "Rebuild" command as this command renames an existing backup first ("Backup~"), creates a new backup of the current database afterwards ("Backup") and finally starts to rebuild the database. Although this might look like a huge overhead, this ensures that no data will be lost if something should go wrong.

But you can delete the "Backup~" folder of course after a successful rebuild.

Thank You,

that’s what I needed to know.