Duplicate Database

I have a database with all my 2005 info in groups. What I would like to do is create a new clean datatbase (no info) but retain the group folders so I can add 2006 info. What I’m thinking of doing is duplicating the database in the Finder then going into each group and deleting the info. Is there any other more efficient way to do this?


Actually that should be the most efficient solution at the moment.

I often create DTPro databases with an initial set structure of groups and subgroups. There is an easy and very fast solution if you happen to be an OmniOutliner user. Create an outline of the folder structure you want using OmniOutliner. There is an Applescript, “Export to Folders”, that will create a folder structure on your hard drive from the OmniOutliner document. There is even a desktop “Droplet” to drop the outline onto. The folders with structure are created, then just drag them into the DT database. It doesn’t have to be for a new database. You can create any group/subgroup structure as line items in an OmniOutliner document and then drop to the droplet, creating the folders for DT.

(The Applescript was created by Grégoire Dupond and is available at the OmniOutliner extras page at omnigroup.com)

Good luck,

If you want to be able both to import and export empty folders with empty subfolders, be sure to set Preferences > Import - General by checking the option to Create groups from folders, but leaving unchecked the option for Optimized hierarchy.