Duplicate Databases? What do do?

I have been away from DTPro for some time and when I updated and opened it today I see that I have two copies of the same database. One seems slightly larger, so it must have been “last used.” Is there a way to sync these two so that I don’t lose any files?

I see that much has happened with the sync feature in the last few months. I have some catch-up to do!

Still grappling with this problem… two databases same name in different folders on my hard drive. Has anyone else dealt with the problem and found a safe way to untangle the mess? Or, should I just start with a fresh db and move files into it. Probably a few hundred file.

I would start a new database and move things into it if it’s that small.

Thanks, Bluefrog. Do you think drag and drop will be ok, or create problems?

I personally am a big drag-and-drop kinda guy but you can use Move from the context menu if you’d like.