Duplicate discrepancy between DTTG and DTPO

I noticed that DTTG was reporting 14 duplicate files, while for the same databases in DTPO there was only 1 duplicate (well, one pair of files DTPO deemed duplicate).

There don’t appear to be any obvious sync issues between DTPO and DTTG. I tried verifying the databases on the mac and the sync store, making sure indexed files and directories were properly updated and that there are no orphans, none of that seemed to resolve the discrepancy.

I just used the “reset sync” hidden preference on DTTG to see if a full re-sync will clear things up. Will report back.

The correct number of duplicates should be 1 pair. The files that DTTG is reporting as causing the duplicates don’t exist in DTPO (as in, there is only one version of the file in DTPO, where there are two in DTTG), and DTPO is correct.


I Think I’m getting to the root of the issue. It seems as though DTTG detects duplicates a bit differently from DTPO.

For example, it doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between .docx files that only have very minor changes, or where the changes are all in Track Changes. Many duplicates reported in DTTG are such files.

Another issue is that some PDFs have a mangled OCR layer and DTTG seems to think that a few PDFs that are, in fact, different, but which have garbled OCR, are identical.

I’ve managed to root out the obvious duplicates, now I’m left with six supposed duplicates, but none of them actually show up with their counterparts!

Please start a Support Ticket and ZIP an attach any documents that may be helpful.


While the newest version seemed to have resolved this issue during an early test, having now installed it on my main iPad it seems to have not entirely fixed the issue. I still have about 8 false duplicates.

Here’s a strange thing I’ve observed:

  1. Make a duplicate of a false duplicate
  2. The newly created file is not designated as a duplicate.
  3. Delete the old file (the original from which the duplicate was generated)
  4. The new file remains, and continues to not be designated as a duplicate.
  5. Empty trash
  6. New file is suddenly designated as a duplicate.

I’ve tried this about 4 times with 4 different files and could reproduce it every time.

I’ll post this to the support ticket as well, but perhaps there are others who are seeing similar issues here.