Duplicate File Created

Every time I use “Share” on my Mac to import a file to Devonthink Pro 3, I get two identical files imported instead of one. The same thing happens when I import from ScanSnap. However, if I drag a file in from the finder, just one file is imported. How do I stop duplicate files from being created using Share or ScanSnap?

What kind of files do you share from which app? And is it possible that smart rules might cause the duplicates?

Welcome @Jeremy06
What are the settings in your scanning profile in ScanSnap Home?

Here’s a screenshot

All kinds of files. Where could I check the smart rules?

See the Help > Tutorials > Scan with a ScanSnap tutorial for proper settings in the scanning profile.

Thanks. I just went through all the steps in the Tutorial for setting in ScanSnap. The only things different from what I had was in Managing Options: I had it as Mac (Manage in Scansnap Home) and it wants me to switch to Mac (Scan to File). I also kept the OCR in ScanSnap and stopped it in DevonThink. Just tried scanning a word document…still ended up with two copies. Both are PDF + Text and named the same, but interestingly the first one to appear is 329.6KB but the second one is 146.5KB.

What is the path in the scan profile settings?

Sorry, are you asking where is it being saved “Save to:”?


/Users/Jeremy/Documents/ScanSnap Home folder

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Can you record a screencast of the process and attach it to your ticket as well?

OK. Thanks for your help

You’re welcome.
We’ll get this figured out. :slight_smile:

hi, i have the same problem as Jeremy06. Did you get to tackle this issue already? (if it is an issue…)

Which app do you use to send the files to DEVONthink? Are you sure there aren’t any smart rules or folder actions that might cause this?