Duplicate files - quick info on how to find them?

Hi all,

when Devonthink finds a duplicate file in any group in a database, it is highlighted in blue. That’s a great feature. What I haven’t figured out is: if the duplicates aren’t in the same group, I haven’t found a way to find out which file Devonthink sees as the duplicate.

I would have hoped for a simple right-click option like “reveal duplicates”, but there is no such thing.

If anyone has an idea on how to get this done easily, I’d much appreciate it!

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Bring up the info panel for any selected document - Cmd-Shift I - and look for the drop down box titled ‘instances’.


Most databases are pre-populated with the “Duplicates” smart group, but you can add or modify it if you wish

Wow, great info - thanks everyone!

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Also, this may be of interest: Tuesday Tip: Dealing with duplicates in DEVONthink