Duplicate Files


Newbie here… I was wondering how do I delete duplicate files?

Is there a search/find duplicates that specifically will locate files with matching properties?

I have several files that have similar file names…

Thank you!

If you haven’t already installed the scripts in the Extra folder, you should do that. A couple of scripts may help do what you’re looking for: Find and Remove Similar Contents and Kill Duplicates and Replicants. The second script may not be in extras, but it is available on the forum. Just make sure you understand the scripts before using them. You can check exactly what a script does by using the Script Editor program to review it, if you are unsure by the title. Hope this is of some help.

Also, if you do: Data/New/Smart Group, you can do:
Instance is Duplicate
It may help preview duplicates. I have not used it yet.

The next beta will include a default smart group for duplicates and a script (DEVONthink Pro) to easily trash them.