Duplicate Global Smart Group

When duplicating a smart group via the contextual menu, it automatically creates a smart rule. There are valid reasons to just duplicate it as a smart group by default.

Perhaps conversions to a smart rule would use the Option key.

Actually works as expected here. Which version/build?

It did? It will be nice if smart group can be duplicate to smart rule - by default or by option. But, I don’t seem to be able to do that, when I tried using contextual menu to duplicate global smart group, a copy of smart group, not rule, is created.

Again, work around is feasible under current arrangement. All I need is to always create smart rule instead of smart group - if grouping function is available in the future update.

Well, assuming that the first part of the initial post is a feature request and not a bug report (actually not clear), then it might make sense. But it’s definitely not a bug :slight_smile:

Fixed after a second reboot of the machine. It looks like it’s working as intended now.

And perhaps, the Option key could be a feature request now.
Duplicate as Smart Rule?

Wouldn’t a command “New Smart Rule with Smart Group…” which immediately opens the smart rule editor be more user-friendly?

Users may have more to say on this.
I suppose it it was going to be used often, a command would be good.

A command (“Create smart rule from this smart group”) would be helpful. Even better: in the smart rule dialog itself, add the ability to select a smart group to work on.

I’m running into the same problem. Right click on a smart group and duplicating, creates a smart rule. I can’t restart my computer yet. I tested on a 2nd computer and duplicating created a smart group.

Here’s some more information, when I edit the “Today” smart group, it has the Perform the following actions at the bottom. So it seems to me that these have the properties of a smart rule but show up in the smart groups section. These were the default ones included (or potentially from the beta)?

Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?

It does not persist after relaunching. Also, right click to edit, does not show the perform the following actions section.