Duplicate images when clipping clutter free (web archive or markdown)

When I clip a web page to DTTG using clutter free, the images get duplicated. This happens with when saving to web archives or markdown. Everything else in the clipped item looks fine. It was happening on 2.x and still happens on 3.

Here’s a sample URL: How to use the Contrast Checker Technique to Give Your Images More Punch

It is unclear if this is an issue with the clipper or with the construction of the page. This is the offending section, similarly repeated after each image.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve seen this happen with a number of different sites. I need to grab them from my iPad, so I’ll post tomorrow with more examples.

I haven’t checked my previously clipped pages yet, but I just clipped one from a different site with a similar issue of duplicate images. Based on the HTML you shared, I checked and found similar tags. It looks like it may be an artifact of a WordPress plugin as it appears there is both a short code and the html. I wonder if the plug-in is meant to do that or if it’s a bug. Either way, it doesn’t appear to be a DTTG issue. I can always clean out the extra short code for articles I’d like to save for reference vs a quick read. I may even be able to automate this cleanup with a smart rule or AppleScript.

Thanks again for the help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I get the same double-image problem in some RSS readers, when using their full-text view.