duplicate replicants in same folder?


One of the best things about devonthink is the ability to delete duplicates and also the opportunity to turn duplicates into replicants. truly amazing. already changing my life!

my question is for groups where i may have many replicants of the same document (vs. having replicants in different groups.) is there a way to delete all duplicate replicants just in one group??? in other words, if one group has two replicants of the same document, is there a way to delete one of them automatically? (imagine that there are hundreds of these documents so doing it one by one is not the answer i’m looking for!) thank you!!

I’m curious why you’d be making replicants in the same group.

i don’t intentionally. but for example, i imported a lot of notes from evernote and my computer, some were repeats. they all went into my main research group. some of them had different tags, so i didn’t want to just delete all duplicates. instead i wanted to turn the duplicates into replicants. i did that, which was great. but now i just have lots of replicants in the same group. i am wondering if i can delete the replicants easily.

and thanks for your prompt replies! makes this experience much better. :slight_smile: