Duplicate(s) with Annotations?

Once I edit a PDF with e.g. the pen on DTTG on my iPad that PDF / item should be different from the same file without the editing. So, when searching for duplicates those that have been “edited” with the pen are what? PDF with annotations? At least when I look a the inspection window these pen-highlights / pen remarks show up as annotations, BUT when creating a smart rule I do not want to see those that have been edited (speaking: item is duplicate, item has no annotation). but that does not work… soooo… what are these Apple pen remarks with DTTG called, please.

Is the stricter recognition of duplicates (see preferences) enabled? In that case the edited files aren’t duplicates of the originals.

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thnx. that did it… I was not aware of that feature in the preference pane.

Preferences > General > General in the built-in Help and manual.