Duplicated databases

I have three databases that I keep open all the time. The other day, when I opened DT Office Pro, I noticed that they all appear twice in my database list. I closed the app and when I opened again (over a period of a couple of days) all three appear twice.

On my iPad and iPhone with DT To Go, they just appear once.

If, on my iMac, I add a note to the inbox of the DB I currently have selected, it does not appear in the duplicate database, even if I close and then open DPO.

I’m worried that I going to have two copies of a given db that are different one from the other.

My questions are: what might have caused this, and, more importantly, what can I do to correct it.


After a lot more investigation, I’ve discovered that somehow I managed to have two copies of each of my databases, one in my Documents folder and the other in /users/me/databases.

I’m not sure which have been being used and when.

What I wondering is whether I could solve the problem this way: create a new DB, say Art2 (one of the databases is called Art. Then, somehow merge the existing two Art DBs into the new Art2 DB? Then I could get rid of the two Art databases and just continue working with the Art2 DB.

Also, is there a preference for where to have the DBs reside, as in Documents vs. /users/me/databases?

And I’ve also seen a reference for the databases’ residing in Go/Library/Application Support/DevonThink. When I look in that folder I see a folder for DevonThink Pro 2 and DevonThink Pro Office. There’s nothing in the DevonThink Pro Office folder, but in the DevonThink Pro 2 folder I see:

Now I’m even more confused. If I were to move the .dtBase2 databases to reside in the Application Support/DevonThink folder, would they go in the DevonThink Pro 2 folder where my inbox.dtBase2 file along with all the other files are, or in the DevonThink Pro Office (which is the app I’m using) folder and which has nothing in it?

It wouldn’t. The two databases are not the same database, regardless of the name, so changes made to one have no effect on the other.

DEVONthink has no mechanism that duplicates databases. It is possible you duplicated the database in the Finder.

Are the contents of the databases similar?

This is only the Global Inbox that is located here. We do not advocate putting your databases in here. We advocate putting them in a folder in your Home directory, like the /users/me/databases folder you mentioned.

No. This is up to the User to decide, and the choice is made when the database is created (unless the database is closed and moved after the fact).

Yes, you could create a new database (in an appropriate location), but you can’t automatically merge the others into it.

Thanks for the reply, BLUEFROG. I must have duplicated them myself.

Yes, the contents of the DBs are almost identical. Other than a few entries I added yesterday. I’ll see which is the most current and delete the others, then I’ll move the remaining ones to the users/me/databases folder.

I’m wondering what the effect of this will be on my DTTG apps on my iPad and iPhone. I guess I’ll see when I do the move. If the DTTG apps don’t refelct the new DB location, do I need to delete the apps, redownload them, and connect them again?

Thanks again for the help.

No problem.

You could delete the database(s) and download them from the sync location after the deleting is done.