Duplicated files in different groups

I’m starting moving all my documents by simply importing the folder structure I got on my hard drives (since I’m already used to it and will give me a path not to get lost in the transition)
happens that I have the same file in more than one place (file copied as reference for different projects)
if I search for duplicate it will mark all duplicates for deletion? (so I’ll end up without the original)
is there a way (or does it and I still have to understand how it works) to convert all the the duplicates in hard link of the original one so I still have my file redundancy in different groups but just one copy on my hard drive?

DEVONthink 3 includes the new command Data > Convert > Duplicates to Replicants. The items have to be located in the same database though.


Holy cow that’s awesome! I’m so glad I saw this post.

Contrary to the former script the new command is undoable as it moves the obsolete duplicates to the trash.

Can data convert duplicates to replicants be used in a smart group with aggregates all documejts? Can it be applied to top group of subgroups. If not, what is the best way to use this command. Basically looking to clear out old large data base with duplicates everywhere. I FIND the command greyed out and not applicab;le

Yes, that’s possible. Just select the items found by the smart group first.