Duplicated tags after creating files from shortcuts

Hi, after creating several files with tags from ios shortcuts app, i found out that tags are Duplicated.

I am using 1 database only and I have the same tag several times in the same database.

How could this be possible? Is it a bug in Devonthink to go app ?

Are the tags immediately duplicated after using the shortcut?

Sharing the shortcut could be helpful. I’m not seeing an issue here with this simple construct…

Thanks for your reply.
I tried the same shortcut and still have duplicated tags.
Shortcut link

Shortcut screenshot

Devonthink To Go screenshot after running shortcut

Informations about my device

  • iOS: 15.3.1 (19D52)
  • Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Devonthink To Go version: 3.3.3 (17191)

Not sure what is happening. I’ve seen both behaviors from the same shortcut here: the single tag and the duplicates.

Out of curiosity, try a two word tag.

It’s really weird. I tested with 2 tags. There are times I have duplicates and times I don’t. It seems random or linked to something that we can’t yet identify.

Indeed and thanks for checking this.

I will file an issue on it so we have a record of the behavior and perhaps we will have an insight on it.
Thanks for the assistance and testing! :slight_smile:

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