Duplicates after sync'ing

I have a terrible time trying to have a workable DTP environment and have by now lost several days of redoing extremely boring work.

Today is a new issue.

I have removed all sync’s from all old database
I have moved all files (> 3000 - mainly pdf) to iCloud
I have created a new database
I have indexed the iCloud folder
I have reorganized the most recent files in DTO

Today I synced this new local database via iCloud.

The end result is that all files are duplicated. Those do not have all the tags but they have the same creation date, the same added date and the same modified date.

One thing is different: the new duplicates have the “file not yet available” warning and cannot be shown.

Apparently the sync’ing found files on a remote computer from a different database (a previous try to get this system working) and added these to the new database.

Pfff. Really, really, I have lost days by now.

I do believe DTP has it’s strengths and add’s some features that no other program has but it really needs to be emphasised to new users that changing the location of files afterwards is really amazingly and impossibly difficult to do without a lot of work.

Lightroom has some of the features that DTP has for photo’s and uses a similar technique (indexing). Changing the location of the files is however NOT a big problem there. In DTP it really is!

Programmatically this cannot be a very difficult thing to do (changing pointers to the new location).

I will try to delete the new duplicate files. But I believe sync’ing will restart this again … Let’s see.

It is well known and often discussed that indexing is not the ideal solution for every case and it should be thoughtfully considered when approached.

You’d be suprised how difficult simple things can be actually. :open_mouth: