Duplicates appearing

I am resuming use of DVT after abandoning it for a while. Part of my reason for abandoning it was that I never took the time to set it up in an efficient way, and so it became easier for me to default to using the Finder & tags to manage my study resources.
I’m trying again. A large part of my new set up is to have Hazel move documents into DVT based on triggers in filenames or but tags.
I’m then trying o use smart rules DVT to move documents based on this tags and filename attributes to groups.
This is all working quite well except that after a document is moved to DVT from the Finder, by Hazel, and the DVT smart rule has moved the file to a group (or associated that file to a group) about a minute later a duplicate appears.
Often I will move the file to a sub-group which I have decided is too difficult and arbitrary to automate. Then, after moving the file manually to a sub-group another copy of the file appears in the original group. This occurs even if I don’t manually move the file to a sub-group.
This is annoying.

Sorry you are annoyed. Probably, though, the cause of what you see is due to the rules you setup in Hazel and/or DEVONthink.

What would help others help you, beyond what you have said so far, post screen shots of the rules, along with giving some key information like versions of macOS and DEVONthink (are they both up to date?), whether the files in question are imported or indexed, any sync methods involved, etc.

Screenshots of the used DEVONthink/Hazel rules would be useful. In addition, is the destination group in the same database? And are the source/destination groups indexed folders or not?

The Hazel rule is simple enough:

The DVT rule is as follows:

I am using DEVONthink Standard Edition 3.9.2 on macOS 13.4.1. My databases are:

I am not using any indexed folders.


Which folders does this rule process? In addition, what kind of files do you usually process that way?

It just processes an iCloud folder that I use as a dumping ground for my laptop and desktop computers. 99% of the files are PDFs

Did you check the notifications whether Hazel added the file multiple times to DEVONthink? DEVONthink’s rule shouldn’t cause any issues, assuming that there are no other rules of interest.

Could Apple’s iCould be putting the file back into place after it’s deleted (moved into DEVONthink)? I suspect this is the root cause until ruled out.

By chance is iCloud set to “Optimise Mac Storage”?

Edit: Look at Hazel’s log and see if it is moving the file into DEVONthink’s Global Inbox twice…

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@j_r did this help?

I’ve been busy, will get back to this soon