Duplicates in dt3

dt3 is still missing a lot of duplicates for me. i have it set on the less strict setting, but still a lot go unseen. any suggestions? sometimes the two docs have different tags…could that be it?

No, the tags don’t matter. Only the text content or thumbnail. What kind of files should be duplicates? Is their word count greater than 0 (see e.g. navigation bar or Word Count column of List view)?

I’m seeing a strange situation in DT3b3 where the word count of a duplicate (PDF) is reporting differently than the original instance’s word count. Presumably because of the word-count mismatch, the duplicate-identification engine in DT3 doesn’t recognize these PDFs as duplicates.


This is just one example, but this situation seems to be cropping up for me with a lot of unidentified dupe documents in DT3.

Any suggestions or explanation for the word-count mismatch?

On what basis are you expecting these to be actual duplicates? Did you manually duplicate them or are they the product of OCR or …?