Duplicates - is there a way to "tighten" the rules so that documents are identical, not just similar?

The title says it all, I think.

I narrowly avoided a disaster after importing 23,000 notes from Evernote. I trusted the word “duplicate” to mean exactly that.

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Duplicates have been discussed many times in the forums. It’s also discussed in the Help and manual.

Enable Preferences > General > Stricter recognition of duplicates which considers file size and file type as well.

@BLUEFROG Good morning, thanks for the rapid response.

Prior to, and since purchasing I have had a good trawl through the forum and the manual, but sort of felt I might be missing something, hence the question

I have that option checked, yet the apparent duplicates include items are are different in some way. Is there any way of setting the criteria for a duplicate to mean “identical in all aspects other than the date added to DT”? That would weed out “real” duplicates.


What’s actually different? If this option is checked, then the file size, the file type and the indexed text are identical.

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Digging deeper I think I have worked out what the issue is. It’s most probably my issue not DT’s.

I used to send documents and emails to Evernote. Sometimes I would email the same attachment to different people in separate emails , possibly at different times and dates. Also I might file a document in EN with the addition of some text to the EN note, that had the effect of making it unique, I might later send that note to someone by email. As I understand it in EN each email header and text is stored with the attachment as a note.

On importing to DT the EN note is split into its constituent parts and filed in a group in DT. This means the EN notes , which were unique, are now several items in DT, with any attached files being detached from the emails and/or any notes, and therefore creating multiple copies of documents that then quite correctly appear as duplicates in DT.

Does that seem to be a logical explanation? If So I will tweak the smart duplicate rule to ignore all items that were involved in my initial import.


Yes, that makes sense.

Thanks. I’m starting to understand some of the basics. :grinning: