Duplicates (or maybe not?)

I’ve got some free time so I’m doing housecleaning on my DBs, mostly by identifying and trashing unnecessary duplicates. As a result i have a couple of observations.

  1. Highlighting a file whose name is colored blue, indicating that it’s one of a series of duplicates, and then clicking the blue “i” button in the tool bar brings up a very informative info panel, which includes (way at the bottom) a list of instances (replicants and duplicates).

While this is extremely helpful in locating duplicates, I would like to suggest that the list of duplicates include the following tracking info: The name of the database and the Group (+sub-Groups) where each duplicate is located. That would make it so much easier to determine if the duplicate belongs in these locations or if it (they) could be trashed. As it is now, clicking on the duplicate’s name moves the focus to its Group, meaning once you’ve determined to keep it or trash it, you have to then move your focus back to the original Group.

  1. If an instance is moved to a Group within the Global Inbox, it ceases to be a duplicate once the “original” in some other Group has been deleted, even if there’s a second “duplicate” in that same original Group. It is a duplicate or not?

  2. It appears that for the “duplicity” to be recognized as such both instances need to be in open databases. I know of duplicates that don’t show up as such in closed DBs.

  3. Here’s the real puzzler: I have several files visible in the same Group, several pairs of which are truly physical duplicates on one another. Yet neither of them show up colored blue. (see image below) I also have a pair of files in that same Group that are physical duplicates but only one is displayed as a duplicate (its duplicate is actually elsewhere).

Why are duplicates not being recognized as such?
duplicates or not.png

Could you send a small, zipped example database to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Then I could check this over here. Note that the filename doesn’t matter.

One possible reason is that the files were added using different betas, a rebuild should fix this.

Hi Christian, actually your suggestion about rebuilding took care of this. All is well.


Can anyone explain possible reasons for Statistics value differences in Database Properties before/after rebuilding a database? Thanks!