Duplicates to Replicates


often I wish I could make replicates out of duplicates with one click on a button / in the context menu / or with a keyboard shortcut.


It happens that I enter the same file twice, the second time to another place, then I realize that there is already the same file in DT, but at another place, therefore the duplicate sign. In these cases, I think the file would be OK at both places, but replicates would be better than duplicates. Therefore, please let me change all duplicates to replicates with one click.


PS Maybe I have missed that feature, I am returning to work after some weeks of – different – work and feel a bit like a stranger to DT at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s already on our (looong) to-do list 8)



Thanks, I shall live with the duplicates for a while (2 weeks, 2 months, not 2 years :smiley: and delete the duplicates then.


Precisely the feature I was looking for… as a DEVONthink Pro newbie, importing some 2500 rtfd files from the old be-no-more Mori notebook.

However, today is 2012, so 7 years have passed since the start of this thread and its feature request, where it is said to already be on the to-do list.
But I do not see anything in DTP 2.4.1 that seems to accomplish this?

Was there any special problem with implementing this?

Being a newbie - now with DT3 and about 15 years after this thread started - I’m in search of this exact feature. I would strongly appreciate any hints to smart rules or scripts as a workaround for the time being.

Thank you all very much!

Ok, ok, found it:
Data > Convert > Duplicates to Replicants (or similar spelling, because I’m using the German localization).

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I was just about to tell you about that option :slight_smile:

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