Dutch Services

Hi DTeam,

I encountered a weird thing after upgrading to DTPro 1.0.2: The Services are suddenly dutch :confused: like eg. “opsummer” or “vedhaeft Plain note”. Not that I could not recognize the meaning of these menu items, but it is a little flaw that I thought to let you know. (Everything else is well localized; in my case that’s german.)



That’s actually Danish :wink: However, as the localization of the services menu depends on the language used by the currently active application, this should only happen if the active application uses a Danish localization.

In addition, please check in your system preferences that German has a higher priority than Danish.

O! (Put in some mumbling). I thought already, that it also could have been Danish, but somehow decided it to be Dutch for no apparent reason. Anyways, I had checked all the above but the dutch-danish services remained (only for DTPro). However, after rebooting, everything was fine again, all services german… don’t know what had happened.

Thanks anyway for taking care!