Dvorak endorses Mac and DEVONthink

If you know the computer industry writer John C. Dvorak, you might think this is a prank post. It isn’t.

If you don’t know him, Mr. Dvorak is … mmm…how can I say this? Mr. Dvorak is not known in the industry for his support of the Mac, or Apple in general. :unamused:

Nevertheless, in his PC Magazine column “My Son Bought a Mac” (7.13.09) Dvorak writes, in part:

Now, even by DEVONtechnologies previously established high standards, that still quite an endorsement.


This is all kinds of awesome. I listen to Dvorak regularly either on Twit or No Agenda with that hairdo Adam Curry. He’s a laugh, but a wealth of (sometimes useless) information.

Dvorkak has used Macs on and off since the eighties. He used to write the Devil’s Advocate column in MacUser Magazine. However, as his contempt for Apple grew, I felt his columns were counter-productive to the goals of a Mac-based periodical.

He’s actually been using a Mac for a while now in addition to a Windows based machine. I’ve heard him refer to his Mac a few times on the TWiT podcast.

My hunch is that his contempt toward Apple has softened, or perhaps is now less than his contempt for Microsoft.