DVT3(Mac) & DVTGO(iPhone) Synch - How Much Do I have to Be Patient

I recently started to use DVT-GO. Opps, I just realized I need to buy another for newer version of DVT-GO(iPhone) - anyway…

My Q here is…how much time do I have to be patient to see a note that synched with mobile version and Mac version? Let’s say… I have added my interesting web link in DVT-Go iPhone; and would like to immediately(?) play with the link with Mac. Is it too much expect for my use case?

Hard to tell. You don’t say how you are synching: via a third-party internet/cloud service (speed and time intervals of sync largely controlled by them) or Bonjour (which is probably the most reliable and fastest).

If everything already synched, should be within the tolerance you mention. If impatient, you can force a sync also if you want.

The first “wait” is the initial sync to get “everything” synched and that will take the time it takes based on network speeds, server/machine response, and size of your databases and documents. Also depends on if on your mobil device you have set “Download files” as “always” or “on demand”. Sync also depends on the machine(s) have the relevant verision of DEVONthink running. For third-party cloud services, then the device will synch up/down, but to get files to the other naturally the other devices has to connect and synch up/down with the cloud service. For Bonjour, then both devices have to be “reachable” to each other, with DEVONthink running, on the local network.

You can read more about setup and Troubleshooting sync in the DEVONthink Manual and in Menu: Help → DEVONthink 3 Help → Synchronize and lots of good advice there.

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thanks. btw, I’m already full synched up. I was wondering if my use case can work or not. again, create a note in mobile and see immediately(?) the updated note in Mac OS (something like apple note app…). also, I’m using iCloud as synch method.

It will not be immediate, depending on your network connection, server responsiveness, etc. Also sync does not run continuously. It works on an interval. Under normal good conditions, it should sync automatically in a minute or so.

Need to define immediate. DEVONthink’s synch engine more sophisticated than Notes as more data is involved. and as ICloud is involved it surely will not be immediate but could be fast enough. try. if more speed wanted use Bonjour also. if that not fast enough get faster internet (which might or might not help).

i find it is fast enough.

To the extent that it is often both faster and more reliable than iCloud Drive itself :wink:
@cme4ever if you find sync isn’t fast enough for your needs - even when you trigger a sync - you might want to try syncing via Bonjour (which can be used in addition to your current sync store).

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what’ll be the fastest cloud storage service you recommending? iCloud looks slower to my case.