E-book Listed for Kind

What format is a document listed as an “E-book” for its Kind? And, how are these identified as a criterion for a Smart Group?

I suppose its epub. Otherwise it would be mobi (not very probable) or PDF (which is PDF, anyway). Amazons format is proprietary, so that’s a no-no.

Thanks @chrillek. Yes epub of some sort and also XML metadata files from Calibre. Both identified as “E-book” by DT3.

And a related follow-up question: Is the “Other” criterion in Smart Groups a catchall for anything else that is not listed under Kind?

That is correct.

A Smart Group of “Kind is Other” produces thousands of files, mostly Compiled HTML, exec, DXF, java, and text in my case. But also included are E-book files. Is there a way to specifically just retrieve those?

Use Extension is…

Thanks Jim. So, is it generally better to use Extensions and not Kind to identify this type of file?

If you’re looking for a more focused file formats, then I would use the Extension attribute.