E-Mail import Mail -> DT: Completely broken since 10.5.5

Since 10.5.5 E-Mail import to DT is completely broken.
It was working very unreliable before, but now its completely broken.

  • in DT: File-Import-E-Mail: brings Mail to crash
  • in Mail: Add E-Mail to DT: brings Mail to crash

I try for Microsoft Entourage.
There is no problem for import an email from Entourge to Devon Office

We are aware of this and a fix is pending release. In the meantime you can remove the Mail plugin at your home folder > Library > Mail > Bundles > DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle. Then the AppleScript interface will work until the update ships.

I never realised how much I use the email import until the last week or so. Godspeed the fix/update! :frowning:

Please use the “Check for Updates” menu item now. :slight_smile:

Now that is 24-karat service! :smiley:

Thanks…is working again.

It’s still unreliable as it was before.

Sometimes it misses mails, sometimes it imports nothing

  • mails missed: Happens most time if i start a Spotlite search in Mail (Search box in mail) for an sender or subject…i get for example 4 results…i mark them and then “Add to Devonthink”…it takes a few seconds and then only 2 mails showed up in DT. I deleted all mails out of DT and repeated the same steps…tada…working.

  • nothing happens 1: Sometimes it just happens…DT Icon is jumping, but DT is never receiving any mails.

  • nothing happens 2: I like to use the “Threaded” View in Mail. If i mark some mails that are threaded, Mail is also marking the main subject from the thread…this is actual no real mail…only some kind of Thread-Header. If i try to “Add to Devonthink” this mails…i got a BONK-Sound…nothing else happens. Ok…as soon as i have found out that the problem comes from the Thread-Headers, i just deselect them to avoid this error…but this is only usable way if i have only few mails to add.

  • just added 24 mails in DT…and got 38 new entries in DT…still trying to find out why i got more than i actually wanted to import

Conclusion: I always have to check and doublecheck if the mails arrived in DT as i expect them to arrive, or if something was missed again; dropped silently into nowhere.

Right now i can live with that…but i expect some improvements at least in the next big upcoming version 2…if this ever will happen in my lifespan.