E-mailing a doc or adding as attachment.

I’m relatively new to Devonthink but can’t for the life of me figure out if I can e-mail a document from within Devonthink, or open a document with Entourage, for example, and have it become an attachment. I may be out to lunch, but I’ve clicked and seached help till I’l blue in the face!

Please help…


I think DT only exports to the Mail.app supported by Apple.
Under the Scripts menu, use Export: Send to…

You may copy/paste contents from DT to an Entourage message.
Or export an item from DT as an RTF file and attach that to an Entourage message.

One possibility is to drag documents from DT to the Desktop or a temporary folder where they can then be attached with Entourage. And DT documents can sometimes be dragged directly into another app, e.g. a PDF into TextEdit.

I just tried the ‘Export: Send to…’ script and it worked fine with Entourage. I’m not sure why, or how it works, but perhaps it works with whatever program you have open? I don’t use Mail, and it didn’t open it, so the script must not specify.

So, if you are using Pro, you should be able use this script to send things via Entourage. You’ll have to enter the address you want to send to manually (the script prompts you). Also, it does it all in the background, which is nice.


I just tried the ‘Export: Send to…’ script and it worked fine with Entourage. I’m not sure why, or how it works, but perhaps it works with whatever program you have open? I don’t use Mail, and it didn’t open it, so the script must not specify.

I have 1.9.3, and it doesn’t say Pro anywhere. I don’t see a Scripts menu under DevonThink and the Mac scripts menu doesn’t reference DevonThink or Export, Send to. The Export: under the file menu doesn’t have a Send to option. Is this in Pro?

Doesn’t make any sense export a document to yet another file or folder just so I can e-mail it.

For all the amazing things that DevonThink does, this seems like such a simple thing, to open a new maill message and attach the selected document, or even to drag a document to the attachment area in an e-mail message in the Requests and Suggestions board. Or maybe I just need Pro. Hmmm.


Yes. From what I undersatnd, DT Personal edition only is scriptable for importing things. Pro you can script to do any number of things, including export things as mail. If you try out the Pro beta, you’ll see a scripts menu with all sorts of possibilities, and the scripts can, of course, be modified. Plus users are starting to share scripts, which will expand your use of DT even more. It is this increased capability that gives me hope that I’ll be able to adapt DT Pro to even more of the things I need.

What isn’t built into the program might be added with later versions, or could be scriptable and added that way, so I guess if you want the increased functionality, you’ll need to check out Pro. I’m going with it for sure.


It does not work all the time. For example, the message goes through only if the default SMTP server allows relaying. Also, this method does not allow you to change the sender’s account etc.

Ideally, I would like to “send” the text of the file (if it is an RTF file) or “attach” the file (if it is a PDF) to a new Entourage message that will remain open in the foreground when the script finishes. I could then modify the message, add recipients, change SMTP server etc. before sending the message. Specifying the recipient within DT Pro is not important (for me at least). Since Entourage’s dictionary is substantially different than that of Mail, my efforts to modify existing scripts (that work with Mail) were unsuccessful.

I will appreciate any help or suggestions for resolving this issue. I find DT Pro very useful and would like to see its capabilities expanded.



Sometimes it’s easier to do things manually. :slight_smile:

To send a single document from DT Pro to Entourage – plain text only – press Command-A to select all, then Command-C to copy the selected text to the clipboard. In Entourage open a new message and paste in the clipboard contents… This will copy the text of text, RTF, RTFD and PDF documents to Entourage.

The Mail app handles formatting better. Just drag the name of a DT Pro document into the body of a new Mail message (or use the copy to clipboard procedure above).

Still another way, especially useful for sending multiple documents as attachments: Drag selected DT Pro documents to the Desktop (or other directory in the Finder). Then attach them to a new mail message. Afterwards, delete the dragged items from the Finder.

As the sometimes demented former governor of Louisiana, Earl Long, used to say, “There are more ways of killing a cat than by stuffing it with butter.”

Exactly. Unless I am missing something I still can’t do this from DT Pro. It seems I should be able to email a note or highlighted text with Entourage by simply clicking a button or menu or invoking a script. This should open a new email in Entourage with the name of the note as the subject, the highlighted note or text as the body of the message, and any associated url appended to the message body. I can then add any recipients, designate the sender, etc.

Sure I could do all this manually but that is not why I use a computer.

Don’t get me wrong. I love DTP. I just need to be able to email things out of it more easily. StickyBrain/SOHO Notes does this briliantly so I am sure the geniuses at DT can get this right too. :slight_smile:

Any scripting geniuses have any ideas?

You can do that easily with Apple Mail (Conrol-Click on the item or selection, then select Services: Mail: Send Selection or Send To).

Entourage is trickier. On the DTP scripts menu, try Export: Send To or Send Selected To. I just tried it and got a query to identify a recipient, but nothing happened after that. The script may need to be modified to know that it’s seeking Entourage.

The integration between Entourage and DTP is smoother. There, a DTP script allows passing one or several items from e-mail to the database. It’s never occurred to me to reverse that process, but we all work differently. Good luck!

I’m glad I hadn’t read this thread before, because I didn’t know there was a problem!

With DTPro 1.1.1, I could drag an item to the Entourage icon in the Dock, or to an open Entourage outgoing message window, and the contents would be attached as an enclosure. Exactly as one would expect.

With DTPro 1.2, that no longer works. The Entourage icon in the Dock highlights, but nothing happens. (I’m running Entourage 11.2.3… haven’t applied the latest updates yet, so no change on that side of the equation.)

This was an incredibly useful feature, and one that I hope comes back in a maintenance release soon.