E-mails imported from Mac mail

A good deal of what I import are lengthy e-mails from Mac mail. These appear to come over as plain text, without html formatting. Is this correct, or is there a preference setting I can change to view in original format?

I assume that you are running DT Pro Office.

You are seeing your emials in Apple’s Quick Look. To be able to select and copy text to the clipboard, open attachments, etc. you will need to click on the little “Text” icon in the navigation bar above the text panel (in the Three Panes view). This will toggle the view to rich text.

Note that alternatively you can Control-click on a message in the list and choose the contextual menu option “Open With…” to view it under Mail, or select it in the list and click on the “Open Externally” icon in the Toolbar to view it under Mail.

I believe you are asking about emails synchronized from the Mac desktop to DTTG? I find that for non-plain-text emails, the result is not good. Especially for very html-intensive messages.

I change the message to the rich-text view (paragraph 2 in Bill’s response to your OP), and then use Data > Convert > Rich Text to save a rich text copy. This copy is what I replicate/sync to DTTG.

You’re going to say you don’t like that - and I agree with you. For a long time DT’s desktop support for HTML email has been lacking in friendliness, and that problem has got itself propagated to DTTG.

Sorry for the lack of specificity. Actually, the issue is viewing the emails in DTTG, not Devonthink Pro. Is it possible to view in original HTML on DTTP?

Edit the above to DTTG, not DTTP!

Korm - thanks for the workaround. Hopefully a future version of DTTG will make handling html-intensive e-mails easier.

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