Early 10.7.3 update was pulled and replaced by Apple

Here is what I did: for those who updated to 10.7.3 when it just came out, be aware that it was pulled by Apple within a few days, the first update was 1.2 gigs, the second replacement has 1.3 gigs (it is either 1.32 or 1.34), after the first 1.2 gig updates some of my software was having problems, DevonAgent Pro was having shutdown problems and my top menu bar started doing weird things when DevonAgent was trying to shut down, my Devonthink Pro Office seemed slow, I did a bunch of research and found out the first update had been pulled after about 3 days, (give or take)

My osx update was not offering me the other update, so I just wiped out the drive, as much of my software is in the cloud, Devon agent and Think Pro Office was purchased from Devons website, and with a 50 mbit service, downloading the 10 gigs OSX from Apple is fast, the OSX download was still 10.7.2, that surprised me a bit (that told me Apple didn’t even trust their update), after install, I went to the update and was offered the 1.3x update, just to add to this.

I also have another mac running lion which I did not update early, thats when I saw the 1.3x update also.

With the later 1.3x gig update (after clean install) and putting back the other software, including both Devon products, everything was fine, I put all my data files back on using time machine and everything was still fine, even the other software that was having problems with the first update was fine.

If you used the stand alone installer you will most likely have a bigger problem as there were warnings out using that update.
What apparently happened, there was a problem with the added language packs and a few other small things.
Im not sure if the stand alone installer was replaced or not, but the word was if you used it, your in for a world of hurt.