Ease of use grumbles...

I’m using the Dec 11 version of pb8 and a couple of things are giving me fits. I use DTPro for work so I’m using it all day everyday and these have been building up for a while.

One caveat, I don’t use the sorter as it is horribly in the way with many Adobe CS4 applications.

1. I’m surfing away & DTPro is not running. Hey this is cool, Select all- Capture Web Archive- bounce bounce-A gray window appears with two options Global Inbox and the default database. That’s it, none of the other databases are on the list.

If I have DTPro open with only the default database open I get the same, only the default on the list.

If other databases are open then they appear on the list.

If the databases have been closed but I haven’t quit DTPro then they still show up on the list but this is a Macbook Pro and the machine gets shut down a couple times a day.

I don’t know if that is a bug or planned but I should see every available database in that window under any circumstance.

2. Why doesn’t Global Inbox show up on the File->Open Recent list?

3. Why don’t the databases other than default & Global Inbox show up on the File->Open Window list?

4. I keep the sidebar closed as I use the three pane view and the sidebar takes up too much room. Getting to the Global inbox with the sidebar closed is rather harder than it might be, how about a toolbar icon that would open the global inbox?

As one can’t close the global inbox, there’s no need to open it.

It’s only possible to open windows for opened databases.

To open closed databases (and therefore new windows for them), you have to use File > Open Database… or File > Recent Databases > … or double-click on them in the Finder or use the sidebar.