Easier boolean AND tag searches

I know one can use advanced searches for finding documents that are tagged with all of a set of tags (eg: recipe AND dessert), rather than any of the tags selected, but I find it tedious to go through that method just to find the intersection of all tagged documents with “dessert” AND “receipe” or any other set of tags.

Is there a feature, current or planned, to allow me to click on multiple tags in the list of tags in my database, perhaps with a modifier key or a contextual menu, so that I get the boolean AND result rather than the OR result?

Outside of a Smart Group, it’s not possible. However, we are considering some options for future releases.

Yes, switch to the Tags view (View menu>As Tags, or CMD-6) and shift- or CMD-click from the list of tags in the right column to view the intersection of the selected tags.

Ugh! Greg is correct. I was reading you wanted OR. Long day :smiley:

And we still have some things in the pipeline for future versions.

Finding the union of tags (OR) can be accomplished by switching to the Three Panes view (View menu>as Three Panes, or CMD-5) and shift- or CMD-click from the list of tags in the Tags group.

Ah, perfect! I get so stuck in a view that I prefer, I didn’t even think to switch to another. Thank you!