EasyFind 4.0 - Wildcards not working in File Contents search


First of all thanks to Devon Technologies for this excellent program.

Just one problem: -

Installed EasyFind 4.0 on OS X 10.4.10 and can’t get wildcards to work for file contents.

They work fine for files and folders (e.g. “program.", ".txt”, etc.) but when I search file contents for strings, nothing is found.

File content searches using words/phrases/operators work fine.

Anyone else having this problem, or do wildcard searches work somehow differently for file contents?

Thanks in advance.

They’re always applied to the whole file name or whole file content, not to words.

Thanks for the quick reply Christian.

Yes, that explains it.

Any chance of full regexp searching in future versions?

That’s unlikely as it’s Easy-Find :slight_smile:

Fair comment :smiley: