EasyFind 5.0 fails to find files in Sierra

I realized recently that EasyFind 5.0 fails to find files that it should to. I wasn’t able to identify a pattern for this issue, I even allowed EasyFind to control the computer in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. I reinstalled version 4.9.1 and found it does find those same files using the same settings. My settings are as follows:

Thanks in advance.

And which search string did you use?

Not sure I’ve understood. I entered part of the name of a file in my home folder (one word). As I said version 4.9.1 found it right away.

And what exactly did you enter and what should be found (or is found by v4.9.1)?

You have to excuse me, but I really don’t get it. Does it make any difference if I entered dog, pineapple, zwei or else? File names are in my native language, no funny characters. I didn’t remember where I put a pdf file, so I entered the first word of its name and found only a couple of other files as partial matches. It happens now and then, I can’t say whether there’s a pattern. But it’s obviously not related with my HFS+ volume or directory as 4.9.1 works as it should.

Maybe I had to collect more examples before opening a new topic. I just thought it may be useful for developer to know. I’m back at 4.9.1 and will see if the issue pops up again.