EasyFind and 10.11.6 crashing while searching


First of all let me give you so many thanks for the best search app in Mac OS X. I have been using Easy Find for years now, and it has been essential to me. That’s the reason I am writing to report that lately, for a few months now, since June of 2016 it has been crashing while I perform a search.

I have a 27" iMac, there are four USB drives attached with about 8TB of data. I am not sure if this is very large or if there is a DB that EasyFind keeps, but now the usability of the app is gone since it crashes on every search, unless I stop it after a few seconds, but then the search is not done.

Any help would be great, where is the preference panel, maybe I need to delete it or is there a way to reset the app?

Thank you,


Please start a Support Ticket at helpdesk.devontechnologies.com and include the most recent crash report. Thanks!