Easyfind and Catalina

Will Easyfind be updated to run under Catalina ?
Currently it crashes at start-up.

Welcome @Rogier

Eventually, yes. But macOS 10.15 is a ​beta ​operating system. Unless you are explicitly beta testing and reporting to Apple, you should not run a beta operating system on a device you need operating as expected.


I am testing the latest “public” beta and just want to ensure that when i eventually will have to switch to macOS 10.15 by end september, all my app’s work.
EasyFind is probably the most usefull app I ever downloaded from the app store, and I would like to continue to use it for a long time !

Thanks for the kind words and you’re welcome.

On a side note: You don’t have to update to Catalina in September. :wink:

@ Bluefrog, thanks for your side note. I think it is good practice always to update to the latest version if possible.
Can you post a message here, as soon as EasyFind is supported in Catalina ?

You can find announcements here, on our blog, and our Twitter (@devontech) account.