EasyFind: Finding text in binaries like Excel-Files

Im trying to use easyFind to find excel files that contain a certain text. The files are created by “MS Excel for Mac 2011”.

My search properties are:


I get no results. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Well, I thought EasyFind had promised to be able to search biniaries too. And I realy believe a had seen tools finding Word- and Excel-Contents in the past. But this was under windows which might be a completely different case.

Anyways, thanks for the clarification.

Does anyone know a tool that would be appropriate for my problem?

I’m rethinking this one … DEVONthink is able to find text in Excel files, though it cannot highlight the text itself in the found documents. (That’s been reported before as a shortcoming.) So as @griddle reported, one would expect Easy Find to do so, too. In fact, I can’t get Easy Find to successfully find files inside DEVONthink databases.

EasyFind supports only text files (including HTML, XML and source code).