EasyFind gets an outdated disk tree when I click "select"


Today I renamed a big directory that has lots of data, lots of source code, and lots of subfolders.

Everything is fine, except for EasyFind: The last time I used EasyFind, I searched inside that directory.

Now, EasyFind insists the directory still exists with the old name, and it’s even able to find results inside the old name!!

The strange thing is that if I browse the directory tree when I click “select”, the new directory doesn’t appear, and the old one is still there.

I’m using 10.12.6 Sierra, if it matters.

BTW, yes, I rebooted my Mac, just in case Finder had to sync something. The issue persists after rebooting. EasyFind is the only affected app, the rest of apps are able to see the directory with the new name only.

I’m looking inside my “Library” folder, searching for some EasyFind preferences file, or cache, or anything that could be the reason of the problem, but for the moment I didn’t find it.

Thanks for any hints on this!!

A screenshot would be useful.

Now it works fine!! What happened? It’s been more than an hour since I renamed that directory. I even rebooted. I quitted EasyFind and started it again. But no way, the “select…” browser kept insisting the directory wasn’t renamed. However, out of a sudden, and more than an hour later, it detects the updated directory tree now! I didn’t do anything (I even didn’t quit EasyFind this time).

What do you suspect might be the reason for this behaviour?


No idea as that selector is completely handled by macOS.

Ok, thank you anyway for your prompt replies. It seems like MacOS needed more time to update everything. It’s a big folder that I’ve been using for many years, so maybe there were many things to update internally. I don’t know.