EasyFind menu bar extra?

First off, I came to learn about EasyFind from a circa 2013 post on another site while trying to solve an issue I was having with the Finder not returning search results when a volumes is excluded from Spotlight. And I just want to thank the devs for creating this little gem of an app and offering it as a free utility.

It’s so helpful I’m really surprised I never heard about it before (20+ years of Mac software later) but I have heard of Devontech’s other apps. Anyhow, it’s sooooo helpful I really wish there was a menu bar extra that could be used to show the app without having to leave it running in the dock or re-launching it each time.

I know there is nothing like asking for a feature in free software but I couldn’t help myself and put the question out there. EasyFind is just so damn helpful otherwise. :wink:


While it doesn’t fully solve the problem that EasyFind would be needed to be launched/kept running, two convenient options would be:

  1. Launch EasyFind, then hide it via the application menu. You can quickly bring unhide it by clicking it’s Dock icon.
  2. Use our freeware XMenu and build a custom menu with, e.g., EasyFind it it. Now you can at least very quickly launch it directly from the menu bar.

Welcome @brian163

You might also want to look at our application, DEVONsphere Express, as it is a local search application and it does run in the menu bar.