EasyFind moving a file to trash

When using EasyFind and moving selected files to the trash, it is not possible to set back the files from the trash to their original location.
The option to put back when double clicking the file in the trash is not displayed. This is the case as of Catalina. Is this because Catalina introduced a different API depending if you move a file to the trash from an app such as EasyFind or if you move it to the trash from Finder (then the option to put back is available)?
Can you please look into that and eventually update EasyFind with the new API in order to restore its original capabillities ?
Thanks in advance for a reply and a possible fix.

No this is not due to any Catalina APIs. This is the same behavior in macOS Mojave, etc.
Putting the files back relates to files moved by the Finder.

Thanks for the reply.
I can confirm that in Mojave and in Sierra, when moving a file to trash from the Easyfind list, it was possible to set it back to its original location !
So I do not know what has changed.
The purpose of moving a file to trash, and not doing an immediate delete, is to be able to set it back.
This seems not possible anymore. I have to show the file in finder first and then move it to trash from there in order to eventually be able to set it back. This does not seem to be a correct procedure.
Can you look into that ?

What version of EasyFind are you running?

I am using the last version from the App Store 4.9.3.
The problem is also existing with some other applications who allow to move files to the trash such as AppCleaner from FreeMacSoft which you may know.
So something must have changed in the handeling of files moved to trash, which differentiates between regular app’s and Appel’s Finder.
Since I am not a developer I can not find out what changed.
I hope you can help.

Note: The version from the App Store is out of date and out of development. The current version is 5.0.1. You can download it from the downloads section on our site.

I installed version 5.0.1, but the put back option is still grayed out for files i moved to trash with EasyFind.
I read in the Apple Community forum that the restore info is written in an hidden file in an hidden folder (not further specified) in order to be able to be restored.
Is it possible that that changed with Catalina ?
Can you check if the put back option is available on your system, for a file you move to trash with EasyFind ?
Thanks in advance.

For a file moved to the Trash by the Finder, there is a Put Back option in the contextual menu.

For a file moved to the Trash by EasyFind, there is not the Put Back option.

Thanks Jim,
could that be remediated in a next release, so that it works as in previous OSX versions ?

Development would have to assess this.
However, the same behavior I reported is seen in macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.

This is completely up to the system and the Finder, EasyFind just tells them to trash the files/folders.